Join host Eugene Shatsman on the Power Hour podcast as he welcomes two distinguished guests, Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon and Dr. Eric Bran, both OD consultants from the Power Practice. Known for prioritizing patient wellbeing, these consultants bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the table.

In this episode, we go behind the scenes to explore the integral role of an OD consultant during a practice visit, uncovering hidden opportunities for growth and improvement. Loaded with actionable insights, the panel provides a glimpse into the “secret sauce” of consultancy without the immediate investment. Whether you’re a longstanding listener or new to the series, we welcome you to another enlightening episode of Power Hour.

Dive into:

  • enhancing patient experience 
  • common practice pitfalls
  • crucial metrics
  • revenue growth strategies 
  • work-life balance
  • specialty services
  • staffing solutions

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In this episode:

00:02:53 Introductions

00:04:31 Dr Ray Corbin-Simon’s career journey

00:07:27 Professional background of Dr Eric Bran

00:11:36 Mindset of a consultant

00:17:44 The patient and consultant experience

00:24:03 Yearly eye exam

00:26:18 Significant financial impact on a practice

00:33:00 KPI’s that maximize financial opportunities

00:39:08 The ‘secret sauce’ to free time

00:45:08 Easiest and hardest specialties to add to your practice

00:50:56 Biggest mistakes seen in practices

00:55:26 Recommendations to improve staff mentality

01:02:11 Advice from the experts

Contact Information

Connect with Ray Corbin-Simon:

Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon, after graduating from optometry school, embarked on a journey fueled by her passion for teaching, serving as Assistant Clinical Professor and Chief of the Eye Service at the East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center. In 2004, she realized her dream of opening her own practice, with guidance from The Power Practice, in New Jersey.

Dedicated to helping others and spreading smiles, Dr. Corbin-Simon’s practice revolves around the S.M.I.L.E. philosophy: Serve, Motivate, Innovate, Lead, and Educate. With a focus on creating an exceptional patient experience, she emphasizes teamwork, customer service, and empowerment among her staff.

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Connect with Eric Bran:

In 2004, Dr. Eric Bran joined The Power Practice as one of its inaugural consultants under the guidance of Dr. Gary Gerber. Inspired by family tradition, his passion for optometry led him to pursue a career focused on enhancing lives through vision care. With a background from the Illinois College of Optometry, Eric’s expertise in sports vision and specialty contact lenses blossomed.

Currently, as a partner at Ridgefield Family Eye Care and The Institute for Sports Vision in Connecticut, Dr. Bran thrives in pediatric care, vision therapy, myopia management, and sports vision training. He dedicates himself to strategic planning, marketing, and fostering a forward-looking practice ethos, emphasizing team-building and cultivating a positive workplace culture.




Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

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