Results-Driven Consulting for Established Eye Care Practices

Comprehensive Consultation by a Team of ODs


So, your preexisting practice needs an upgrade. Count us in! Level up from good to great with long-term support from our expert team of Optometrist Consultants. We have an outstanding group of doctors leading our consulting team here. Our clients benefit directly from our years of experience.

Rockstar status, here we come! 🙌

The Process

First, we have an in-depth discovery session.

We’ll flesh out your personal goals and get a crystal clear idea of what success looks like to you, on your terms. This is what separates us from the competition. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. Your unique vision is what drives us, and allows us to effectively power your practice!

Next, we build your personal team. 

We have over 100 combined years of experience serving practice owners in cold start and existing status. We have the know-how.


Your appointed OD consultant visits you onsite.

They’ll spend a day at your office, observing your operations, and then facilitate a team meeting to get everyone on board with your vision.


Finally, we shift into Phase 2: Implementation. 

  • Your Power Practice team creates a customized plan to target every single one of your goals – whether rebranding, niching-down, or doing a culture overhaul, we outline actionable steps to make it happen. 
  • We provide deadlines too! You’ll receive monthly calls with your OD Consultant and Implementation Coach to keep you motivated and accountable. 

Remember, we expect you to work for this! But don’t worry – as a Power Practice client, you will enjoy a lifetime of unlimited follow-up communications. 


“Hey, I know it's hard! Our clients will say they've tried it all! But honestly, sometimes they just need a helping hand, a guide, an ally. That's us."

– Paul Ferraro, VP Operations and Sales Development