We Empower Optometrists.

For 20+ years, we have been creating success for optometry practices.  Our consultants are private practice optometrists who come to your office, provide practical solutions, and empower YOU to make the changes that help you reach your dreams.

Whether you’re scaling up your practice, adding eye care specialties, buying or selling an optometry practice, or need to shake off the dust to create improved cash flow, we got you!

Which Describes You?

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Starting a Practice?

Launch with a seasoned team.


Purchasing a Practice?

Get guidance through the process.

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Growing a Practice

Our clients make more $

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Have a specific problem?

Let’s tackle a project together.

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Not Quite Sure?

Just reach out. We’re here.

What is The Power Practice?

How do we empower optometry practice owners to reach their goals? Take a minute to watch this. Hear from Sarah, Paul and Allison about the reasons owners team up with us, and how we approach the partnership.

Our Experience, Your Success

Our team of optometrists has been advising our colleagues for years, and we’re always excited to meet other doctors, and explore paths of growth together!

Do you have optometrists on your team?

This is one area that sets us apart from the other guys. We are a team of ODs helping ODs. Give us a call to talk to doctors who have been there, done that, and can’t wait to help.

How much do you cost?

Money left on the table is an issue that businesses face every day. Whether it is due to drags on business processes or simply not taking advantage of opportunities, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line. While money lost through these means can be significant, it is often much less than what could be saved by addressing these issues. By streamlining business processes and taking advantage of available opportunities, businesses can realize a significant improvement in their profitability. We engage in a number of ways, from quick-fix projects with short timelines to long-term partnered guidance to recover these losses. Reach out to see what works for you.

Do you come to my practice?

We do! We want to explore your business alongside you, and provide the most informed action plans. This truly separates us from the pack. Reach out to learn why visits are vital.

When will I see return on my investment?

This is where the rubber meets the road. We’re laser focused on results for your eye care practice.  The insight we’ve gained as a team of veteran doctors gives us the ability to find profits in low performing areas, and add revenue streams that positively impact the bottom line.

“The Power Practice is a premier organization. Since joining over 7 years ago, my office has become an efficient and well run practice. ”


“I was a bit nervous in the beginning [about] having someone come in and critique my habits. Never did I feel judged. It is all about ideas and motivation. If you have reservations, get over it and just do it. ”

“They helped me turn my office around and increase profitability without sacrificing quality or care for our patients.”

Achieve Your Goals for yoUr practice

We do one thing: We grow optometric practices. And we do it well! Send this form for more info on how we can help you scale up your dream practice.

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Achieve Your Goals for your practice 

We do one thing: We grow optometric practices. And we do it well! Send this form for more info on how we can help you scale up your dream practice. 

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We’re Not Your Average Team.

Eye Care Practice Experts at Your Service. Guidance Towards Unprecedented Results.

Achieve Practice Goals

As a new client, you’ll be welcomed with a thorough onboarding process. Instead of tooting our own horn and spouting off about our proven processes, we make getting to know you our first order of business. You won’t find any prescriptive or formulaic advice here.

You Can Be Real with Us

 Business can get pretty personal, right? Well, lay it on us! We’re here for our clients, first as professionals who understand the personal challenges of our industry, and then as coaches and consultants who are deadset on making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Your Personal Team

It all starts with your goals. Whether you’re starting or buying a practice for the first time, niching down into specialty services, or scaling into a full-blown empire, we hand-select experts who are the absolute best fit for your areas of interest.


We Come to Your Practice

It’s true. We believe it’s imperative that we come on-site to consult with you about your practice goals.  As we say, no two practices are alike, and we want to know the ins and outs of your processes so we can guide you to new heights!

We're Available

As soon as you begin with The Power Practice, you’ll notice the level of care that sets us apart from the competition. We are here for you when you need us. We’re people like you who learned how to excel in optometry over years of experience.

We've Got the Power

Our team has expertise across the board: insurance billing and coding, finance and accounting, merchandising, optical retailing, marketing, social media marketing, sales and acquisitions, and specialty care.

Optometry Practices are Not One-Size Fits All

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Whatever state your business is in, you know it could be better. And we can help you get there!

Our team of seasoned experts can help you with:

  • Opening a new practice
  • Revamping your current practice
  • Turning your retail up to a 10
  • Leveling up your leadership

. . . And invest your time and energy where you want to. (Bahamas, anybody?) ⛱

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Coaching Outside The Box Since 2003

So, you didn’t learn anything about business in optometry school? Join the club!

Every independent OD has to face the realities of entrepreneurship head on. 

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone!

That’s why we’re here. We’ve learned through personal experience that thriving with an independent practice is totally doable, especially when you have a dream team at your side.

The best part is, no two people have the same vision of success. And we love that! You might be opening your first practice, preparing for retirement, or anything in between. Whatever your goal is, we have a wide array of specialists on our team to help you right where you need it.

60 Seconds to Power Your Practice

Insights and Advice Delivered To Your Inbox: Whether you’re looking for financial growth, additional free time, or clarity on important business issues, we regularly share insights to power your practice. Join our email list today!

You Can Do This

Whether you’re struggling with the burdens of business ownership or feeling good about your success but know there’s more to be had, we can help!

What’s Your Customized Plan?

Whatever your situation, we will equip you with the tools you need to break through to your next level.

You’ll discover how to master the ins and outs of your biz:

  • Financials
  • Metrics
  • Specialty services
  • Insurance
  • And the people side of things too!

Head to our service pages to take a closer look at our bells and whistles.

  • Clear Mission and Vision – 100%
  • Dream Team – 75%
  • Seamless Patient Journey – 85%
  • Healthy Financials – 95%
  • Great-looking office – 75%
  • Effective New Patient Funnel – 85%

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Are you an independent practice owner looking for higher profits, more flexibility, and greater leadership confidence? If so, schedule a free consultation with us today to see how we can help!

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