In this episode of The Power Hour Podcast, we’re joined by Marc Ferrara, the visionary industry leader and president of Jobson Medical Information. With over three decades at Jobson, Marc has been at the helm of this influential hub for half of his tenure. As he begins to transition leadership roles, Marc shares exclusive reflections on the evolution of the vision industry and insights into its future trajectory.

Host Eugene Shatsman explores Jobson’s expanded role in shaping industry standards and delves into the latest trends. We discuss pivotal inflection points and how they inform our future strategies. Marc’s vast experience offers a unique perspective on navigating changes and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the vision industry.

Episode Highlights:

    • An intimate look at Marc Ferrara’s influential career and his gradual transition from leadership.
    • Insightful discussions on current trends versus historical industry shifts.
    • Strategic foresight into the future of the vision industry and Jobson’s ongoing role.

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    In this episode:


    00:02:22 – Introduction


    00:03:40 – Jobson celebrates 50 years


    00:08:17 – Longevity in the optometry industry


    00:11:35 – Subspecialities and how they create more optometrist connections


    00:18:47 – Consumerization of eyewear


    00:22:02 – How to specialize in the retail side of your practice


    00:26:00 – Top 100 Retailers Report: A ‘happy accident’ with ‘surprising findings’


    00:33:05 – Recovering from mistakes and landing on both feet in the market


    00:34:46 – The future of optometry  


    00:37:19 – Optometrists and emerging technologies need to coexist


    00:42:41 – Advantages for the new generation of optometry specialists


    00:44:31 – What are current areas of untapped potential within an eyecare practice?

    Contact Information

    Connect with Marc Ferrara:

    Marc Ferrara, the president of Jobson Medical Information, boasts over 30 years of experience with Jobson Publishing. Beginning in 1989 as editor-in-chief of 20/20 Magazine, Ferrara later received the role of publisher. Additionally, he played a key role in launching Sightstreet, one of the optical industry’s pioneering web-related ventures, and subsequently managed VisionWeb, a prominent wholesale portal.

    Since 2005, Ferrara has served as president of JHI’s worldwide Optical Group, overseeing publications such as 20/20, Frames Data, Vision Monday, Review of Optometry, Review of Ophthalmology, Jobson Research, Jobson Internet Solutions, and Jobson’s international operations across Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

    In recognition of his contributions, Ferrara was honored with the 2021 to Prevent Blindness Person of Vision Award.

    Website –

    LinkedIn –

    Instagram –


    Connect with Eugene Shatsman:



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