Your Dream Team.


Your Dream Team.


About The Power Practice


When you work with The Power Practice, you connect yourself with experts in both business and eye care . . . and all the places in between! Think you have what it takes to be a successful doctor and entrepreneur at the same time? We know you do – and we’ll prove it to you.

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Who We Are

The Power Practice is a group of doctors and business leaders who are bent on success for independent optometry practice owners. We’ve been there. We know the ropes. We want to see others be successful. The Power Practice is laser focused on results for practice owners, with a good twist of fun along the way.

Our Promise

We promise partnership. We aren’t a one-and-done phone call. We come alongside our clients as colleagues, mentors, and friends. We want to grow your practice as if it was our own. You can depend on The Power Practice as your ally and partner as you embark on the next chapter of your journey.

How We Started

Dr. Gary Gerber founded our company in the spirit of rebellious excellence, laying the foundation to shirk industry norms in the pursuit of doctor-defined success. In 2020, The Power Practice was bought by Imran Hakim, a world-renowned entrepreneur, innovator, and optometrist running over 250 independent practices, and Joe Colucci, a former Essilor executive, who’s passionate about revolutionizing the industry.
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Gary Gerber


paul GSP UID 94d9f907 1760 4a9f b646 c3c72432c505

Paul Ferraro

Special Business Consultant
sarah GSP UID 94dcb0bb ff29 4b32 b37e 012765fdd4ed

Sarah Dau

VP Business Development, Business Management Coach

allison GSP UID 94d9f65c de6b 46a8 8a83 149e96606fda

Allison Kraemer

VP Client Services,
Business Management Coach

denise GSP UID 94d9f762 b187 40d5 96af c6ffab1b8da5

Denise Kolker

VP of Operations
the power practice christine favata business management coach

Christine Favata

Business Management Coach
eric GSP UID 94d9f55e 36aa 4259 bff4 fa9cecccaa27

Eric Bran, OD


ginger GSP UID 94dcb161 f12e 46e7 96c9 a77e40ada172

Ginger Coley, OD


ray GSP UID 94d9f72c bfa2 4dad bbdf 65e7af108ca0

Ray Corbin-Simon, OD


viktoria GSP UID 94da1a44 8ebd 4825 be40 94717ff3ca24

Viktoria Davis, OD


chad GSP UID 94d9f5f2 8b2e 4411 8bec c31baf20a41c

Chad Gallatin, OD, ABCMO



Charlene Henderson, OD


aaron GSP UID 94dcb117 bc7d 4cfa 89a5 eeee8fa3b7e5

Aaron Law, OD


patricia GSP UID 94e20886 c72b 42df 996c 4744980af6ae

Patricia Poma, OD


Dr. Ian Whipple headshot

Ian Whipple, OD


"Everyday I have the opportunity to do something I love while making an impact on so many people…the butterfly effect is endless""

– Allison Kraemer, VP Client Services

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