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We offer project-based engagements to match specific needs of your optometry practice.

Project-Based Services for Fast Wins

We love partnering with doctors to create success for their practices. Sometimes there are simple wins we can find along their path. Given our decades of experience in the field, we can provide fast and effective solutions for some of the problems that face us as optometrist owners.

Let’s Find Your Next Win ✅ 

Power Audit

By auditing your charts, you’re likely to gain golden-ticket insights on how to increase your profits and cash flow. This is a simple, straightforward process that makes a ton of positive impact for our clients.

Profitability Tune Up

The Power Practice leverages its years of experience and practice knowledge to bring doctors the Practice Profitability Tune-Up, a powerful service that puts practices’ profitability ahead of industry standards. This service typically makes available thousands of dollars to the doctors who follow our simple recommendations.

The JumpStart Program

We know our stuff, and we love helping other optometrists reach their goals. Sometimes the quickest way to find the solution to your problem is to pick up the phone or send a note. Let’s talk about where you are now, and where you want to be.

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We can recommend the right engagement based on your needs. Tell us about you!

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“Hey, I know it's hard! Our clients will say they've tried it all! But honestly, sometimes they just need a helping hand, a guide, an ally. That's us."

– Paul Ferraro, VP Operations and Sales Development

Are you an independent practice owner looking for higher profits, more flexibility, and greater leadership confidence? If so, schedule a free consultation with us today to see how we can help!

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