Power Your Dreams

Power Up Your First Practice


Whether you’re opening a brand new space or purchasing a practice, our team of coaches and consultants can guide you across the bridge from doctor to entrepreneur . . . and arrive all in one piece!

As a client, you receive the additional perks of being invited to our annual conference, access to our private email list, and discounts from select vendors!

Buying a Practice or Starting New?

From planning to opening, we got you:

  • Goal setting
  • Site selection and lease analysis
  • Floor plan and display review
  • 1-on-1 consult with our billing and coding expert
  • Frame and equipment ordering
  • Social media, website, marketing, and vendors

Let’s get down to business:

  • OD consultant visits you onsite and facilitates a meeting with your team
  • You receive a personalized action plan
  • You have monthly meetings and unlimited communication with our team
  • Our consulting team provides you with guidance, accountability, and support

“Hey, I know it's hard! Our clients will say they've tried it all! But honestly, sometimes they just need a helping hard, a guide, an ally. That's us."

– Paul Ferraro, VP Operations and Sales Development