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by EyeCarePro
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Convert More Patient Phone Calls


RingAnalytics is an Artificial Intelligence platform that lets you hear and see for yourself how many calls to your practice did or didn’t result in a booked appointment, and why. You’ll also learn when call volume is highest, and when you’re missing calls—without having to listen to each recording.

It can help with the following practice challenges:

    • Incoming patient calls that don’t result in bookings
    • Gaps in your staff’s phone performance
    • The ROI of your practice’s marketing efforts

RingAnalytics is the only HIPAA-compliant platform that provides call outcomes automatically. The AI analyzes calls for performance indicators to determine patient booking behavior, helping you:

    • Learn the percentage of calls that failed to book an appointment and why
    • Get the data you need to adjust hours and training to improve call processes
    • Miss fewer calls and book more appointments, while providing a better patient experience
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*The coaching session is a monthly meeting with Power Practice to go over key insights from the data including strengths and plans of action for improvement.

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