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You didn’t come here to be ordinary.


We are a different kind of team. Our services have a different kind of power. Explore our offerings, and reach out to get started. Together we’re changing the eye care industry, one private practitioner at a time.

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Consulting for Existing Practices

So, your existing practice needs an upgrade or infusion of new ideas. Count us in! Achieve rockstar status with long-term support from our expert coaches and consultants.


You’ve got this. We can help.

Powering Up Cold Start Optometry Practices

Power Up Your First Practice

Whether you’re opening cold or purchasing an existing practice, our team of coaches and consultants can guide you across the bridge from doctor to entrepreneur . . . and make sure you arrive all in one piece!


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Power Audit - Finding The $$$

Coding, billing, charting . . . sexy, right? Our billing expert can review your charts to catch any mishaps before the big guys do. 

If you’re charting incorrectly, you increase your risk of:

  • Insurance denial
  • Breaking compliance
  • Expensive penalties 

“Hey, I know it's hard! Our clients will say they've tried it all! But honestly, sometimes they just need a helping hand, a guide, an ally. That's us."

– Paul Ferraro, Special Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not like other consultants out there. We want you to feel empowered, well-guided and enthusiastic about your future in optometry, because building practices like yours is all we do!

What does my team look like?

Initially, your dream team includes an OD consultant and a business management coach. They’ll dig deep to understand your goals, find opportunities in the business, and hold your feet to the fire as you work to achieve your dreams.

How do you match me with the right team?

All of our consultants and coaches are adaptable and able to work in various practice modes and specialties. Once we understand the individual nature and goals of your practice, we match you with the best team to meet your specific needs.

How often will I speak to my consultant or coach?

You will have a monthly call with your team to pull you “out of the whirlwind” so you can spend some time ON your practice instead of IN your practice and talk through any staff or office concerns you have– and then additional support is available when needed.

There’s free advice everywhere- why would we hire you?

For the same reason your patients should see you instead of Googling or posting their symptoms on social media!  We listen to your concerns, “examine” your practice, assess the situation, and create custom recommendations and a plan to help you reach success

What else?

Our clients become part of a supportive family. Our client email list is a great source of information and inspiration. You can email with a question and get answers from forward-thinking successful practitioners, often within minutes. We have a yearly client retreat (click here for details on our next one!), monthly education meetings for practice managers, client-only opportunities and more.

What makes you different from other consulting groups?

We only specialize in one thing- practice management consulting. We don’t buy or sell anything; our only interest is in helping you succeed.

Let’s do it! What happens next?

Once you sign on, you’ll immediately be added to our client email list and have access to our members-only online library of resources. We’ll assign your consultant and coach, get the visit to your office on the calendar and begin to learn about your practice so we can find opportunities to help right away.

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Are you an independent practice owner looking for higher profits, more flexibility, and greater leadership confidence? If so, schedule a free consultation with us today to see how we can help!

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