Project-Based Services

Little Scared of Commitment? We Get it. Let’s Find Specific Wins Together


Coding, billing, charting . . . sexy, right? Our billing expert can review your charts to catch any mishaps before the big guys do. 

Stop Leaving Money on the Table!

If you’re charting incorrectly, you increase your risk of:

  • Insurance denial
  • Breaking compliance
  • Expensive penalties 

Entrepreneurial tip: By auditing your charts, you’re likely to gain golden-ticket insights on how to increase your profits and cash flow.


Our Power Audit

You submit 10 of your charts to us for review. One of our billing and coding experts will thoroughly review them and identify areas for improvement. This includes compliance, billing, coding, and opportunities for increased profitability. 


In two weeks or less, you’ll have a written report that:

  • Grades the elements of your chart according to E&M guidelines
  • Gives feedback on the completeness and readability of your notes
  • Recommends best billing codes according to your documentation
  • Shines a light on possible missed fees


It’s time to kiss those insurance and billing headaches goodbye.


Whatever the challenge with billing and cash flow, we can put the right pieces into place to reach optimal performance.

“At the end of the day, we all know patient care is at the heart of our client's ambitions. But a foundation of good financial health can ensure that dedication can continue."

– Denise Kolker, Business Management Coach