Over 9% of men and 33% of women suffer from migraines and 20% of people suffer from binocular vision dysfunction (BVD). In this episode, host Eugene Shatsman delves into emerging subspecialties with two experts who successfully serve often-overlooked patient populations. Get ready for double the insights in this episode of The Power Hour! 

First is Dr. Julie Helmus, owner of the thriving and innovative Helmus Optometry in Davis, California. She’s here to share her experience with Avulux migraine glasses and how addressing this widespread issue has benefited her practice.

Joining her is Matt Rosner from the Neuro Visual Medicine Institute, which supports a wide network of practices and trains providers in neurovisual care and binocular vision dysfunction. He reveals the surprising size of the potential patient base and discusses successful solutions.

Our guests unveil existing solutions – subsidiaries cultivated within their practices – poised to benefit a substantial patient group. Yet, these specialties remain elusive within conventional practices, making their expertise invaluable.

Highlights that you can expect:

  • The scope of the patient population.
  • Challenges and must-haves.
  • Numbers and implementation
  • Potential pitfalls and differences in approach.
  • Opportunities for practice owners.
  • Considerations for integration

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In this episode:

00:00:02 Introductions

00:00:57 Dr Julie Helmus’ Generational Practice Journey

00:05:21 Matt Rosner’s step into neurovision medicine

00:07:47 Avulux – a migraine breakthrough

00:14:26 The truth behind eye misalignment

00:20:29 Trial and error with subspecialties

00:27:29 Adapting a subspecialty into your practice

00:34:57 Revenue statistics

00:41:35 Biggest constraints

00:45:42 Subspecialty perks for practices

00:49:07 How to increase subspecialty referrals

00:52:20 Lessons in growing new subspecialties

Contact Information

Connect with Dr Julie Helmus:

Dr. Julie Helmus, a second-generation optometrist, is a highly accomplished professional dedicated to serving her community. Graduating with distinction from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2015, she has a diverse range of experiences, including work as a medical interpreter and involvement in research. With deep roots in Davis, California, Dr. Julie is actively engaged in community initiatives and serves on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Davis Business Association. Her professional passions lie in geriatrics, glaucoma, and dry eye disease, and she is fluent in English and Spanish, facilitating inclusive healthcare services.

Website – https://www.helmusoptometry.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/helmusoptometry/?hl=en

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-helmus-od-116b05262


Connect with Matt Rosner:

Matt Rosner, a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, is a prominent figure in the optometry industry. Currently serving as Chief Strategist for Practice Growth at the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute, he spearheads the development of growth strategies for the organization. With a background in management, growth strategy coaching, and change management, Rosner brings immense value to his role. Leveraging his creative background, including experience as a line cook and canoe tripper and his bachelor of fine arts degree with a focus on industrial design, he plays a major part in driving innovation at the institute.

Website – https://nvminstitute.org/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-rosner/


Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

Website – https://www.eugeneshatsman.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugeneshatsman


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