Is Your Optometry Practice Ready for the AI Revolution?

In this episode of Power Hour, Eugene Shatsman and AI authority Dr. Roya Attar explore the profound impact of artificial intelligence on optometry. They discuss AI’s current applications and forecast its burgeoning role in shaping the future of eye care. Their conversation reveals a wealth of insights and strategies vital for optometrists looking to harness AI’s potential in their practices.

Dr. Attar, renowned for her early adoption and deep expertise in AI, provides detailed examples from her experiences, highlighting the precision and efficiency of AI-driven tools such as automated image analysis and patient data management systems. With his extensive background in growth consulting and marketing within the optometric sector, Eugene adds his insights on the operational transformations AI can drive, including streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing patient communication and education. Together, they offer a visionary outlook on the seamless integration of AI across all facets of optometry, illustrating how it can improve clinical outcomes and elevate the standard of patient care.

Discover how AI is already making a difference:

  • Smarter Diagnostics: AI-powered imaging and analysis for faster, more accurate diagnoses.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: Streamlined referrals, personalized education, and improved communication.
  • Efficient Operations: Automated scheduling, optimized workflows, and data-driven insights.

Episode Highlights:

  • The current state of AI in optometry
  • How AI is transforming clinical care and practice management
  • Practical tips for implementing AI in your practice
  • The future of AI in optometry

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In this episode:

00:00:09 Introduction

00:01:29 AI in the optometric community

00:04:37 Dr. Attar’s memorable AI nuances

00:06:24 More tools, more value

00:09:45 AI-based imaging in practices

00:12:58 The absent human touch

00:14:09 Efficiency – one of the benefits of AI?

00:16:08 Turning weaknesses into strengths

00:18:26 Artificial assistant or accountability partner?

00:24:06 Exploring day-to-day AI support tools for businesses

00:27:12 Brainstorming partner and ‘choice fatigue’

00:28:49 AI in marketing

00:32:14 Improving human behavior through conversational prompts

00:34:24 Google’s credible AI-generated responses 

00:35:57 Roya’s theory on dental check-ups vs. eye evaluations

00:38:45 Using AI for patient education or follow-ups

00:40:57 Cheat sheet – premade and tailored versions

00:41:39 Reliability and accuracy of AI in optometry practices

00:45:04 Transitioning to an AI type of workspace – who is liable?

00:46:14 Using ChatGPT in university

00:48:31 How to incorporate AI into your practice

00:51:02 AI innovations on the horizon for optometry

Contact Information

Connect with Dr. Roya Attar:

Dr. Roya Attar is an accomplished Associate Professor and Director of Optometric Services at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). She holds a Doctorate of Optometry from UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry and an MBA from the University of Pikeville College of Business. Dr. Attar specializes in complex refractive needs and has been recognized nationally for her contributions to teaching and patient care. She was the first optometrist to join the faculty of the Department of Ophthalmology at UMMC. Dr. Attar has received numerous awards, including the Young Optometrist of the Year from multiple organizations. She holds a doctorate in health administration from UMMC School of Health Related Professions, enhancing her ability to contribute to healthcare administration. Dr. Attar is also a respected educator, frequently invited to provide lectures at various levels. She is involved in several professional organizations and serves on advisory boards, including the American Academy of Optometry and American Optometric Association. Before joining UMMC, she held positions at The University of Pikeville, Kentucky College of Optometry. Dr. Attar is highly regarded in the field of optometry for her expertise, dedication to patient care, and numerous accomplishments.

Website –

LinkedIn –


Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

Website –

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