In this week’s Power Hour, Eugene Shatsman hosts Jamie Rosin, who has led Rosin Eyecare’s extraordinary expansion from 4 to 48 locations in just 15 years. Jamie shares his journey and the strategic insights that fueled this growth, emphasizing the importance of what he calls the “conversion engine” in his practice.

Jamie delves into how data-driven decision-making and patient recall reactivation have been crucial to scaling operations. He discusses key metrics and strategies, providing transparency about the challenges faced and lessons learned along the way. Jamie’s ability to synthesize data and his curiosity has significantly impacted Rosin Eyecare’s success.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into the leadership strategies that helped Jamie manage hundreds of employees and foster a culture of continuous improvement. This episode is packed with actionable advice for anyone looking to scale their practice, drawing on Jamie’s extensive experience and strategic thinking.

Whether you own a single location or manage a multi-site practice, this episode is packed with actionable examples that can help you scale your business and make a lasting impact on your patients and the industry as a whole.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for rapid practice growth: Growing from 4 locations to 48 in just 15 years highlights the power of developing a strategic “conversion engine” and focusing on key metrics.
  • Data-driven optimization techniques: A central theme is an emphasis on building a culture of data-driven decision-making, including mastering patient recall and reactivation, reactivation, and using metrics to improve continuouslyto continuously improve.
  • Adaptable leadership for multi-site management: Shift your leadership style, leverage curiosity and strategic thinking, and draw insights from human psychology to manage and scale a multi-location practice effectivelyto effectively manage and scale a multi-location practice effectively.



      In this episode:

      01:14.28 Jamie Rosin’s entrance into the industry

      04:29.10 Big issues and mistakes made when growing a practice

      09:17.55 Building a conversion engine into your practice

      13:05.99 ‘Exam only’ management systems

      16:36.04 Psychological process in analyzing data

      19:36.87 Learnings from having many locations

      28:23.91 Management styles that work and don’t work

      31:40.20 The role of curiosity in business

      37:49.83 Identifying leadership behaviors 

      41:43.75 Building industry relationships to scale your practice

      50:13.74 Finding strengths and weaknesses

      56:11.79 One last piece of advice

      Contact Information

      Connect with Jamie Rosin:

      Jamie Rosin is the Co-President of Rosin Eyecare. Skilled in customer service, sales, strategic planning, business development, and marketing strategy, Rosin has been instrumental in Rosin Eyecare’s development. Rosin has demonstrated remarkable agility in adapting his leadership approach, leveraging his curiosity and strategic thinking to drive continued growth and innovation. Recognized as a visionary in the optometry industry, Rosin currently serves as the inaugural Chair of The Vision Council’s Optical Retail Division. His insights and experience provide valuable lessons for practice owners looking to scale their own businesses.

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      Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

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