Do you want a glance at the future of optometry? In today’s episode – you’ll hear about diagnostic innovations, pharmaceuticals on the horizon, gene therapies, new treatment modalities, AI and more.    

Eugene Shatsman sits down with Dr. Chris Wroten, a sought-after lecturer, two-time president of the Optometry Association of Louisiana, as he shares his optimistic and forward-looking perspective on the opportunities ahead.  

Dr. Wroten, a partner in a thriving practice and recipient of numerous awards, discusses unique insights on how AI, emerging technologies, and scope expansion are shaping the future of eye care. The conversation also touches on potential threats that can be turned into opportunities, such as using AI in marketing. While some in healthcare fear AI as an unknown, Dr. Wroten puts forth a different outlook on its potential as a powerful tool for processing large amounts of data and answering difficult questions.  

Dr. Wroten is an incredible teacher who is truly passionate about the innovations and advancements shaping the future of optometry. He provides unique insights on how emerging technologies, scope expansion, and a Fortune 100 leadership perspective are transforming the field. His expertise and insights are invaluable for listeners looking to keep pace with the latest innovations and capitalize on the exciting changes in optometry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emerging technologies in optometry: New technology options are critical for optometrists to provide the best possible care and remain competitive. By understanding innovations in areas like AI, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and treatment modalities, practices can strategically invest in and implement these advancements.
  • Optimism and opportunity: Recognizing the opportunities within scope expansion battles and potential threats demonstrates a proactive mindset that can help practices thrive. Adopting an opportunistic outlook towards disruptive forces rather than a fearful one empowers optometrists to leverage these tools for practice growth.
  • Industry expertise and passion: Tapping into this level of industry knowledge equips optometrists with insights and strategies they may not be able to obtain elsewhere.



    In this episode:

    00:52.64 About Dr. Wroten

    02:36.94 Why optometry?

    05:09.53 Handling challenges in an office environment

    07:00.31 Leadership lessons inside and outside of optometry

    10:24.95 Stages of growth when leading people

    15:25.72 What’s on the horizon in the optometric space?

    33:06.78 Expansion of scope and optometry

    35:54.01 Commonalities between states where optometrists have laser privileges

    37:56.29 Ophthalmology and optometry ‘turf wars’

    40:13.80 Big threats towards optometry

    46:28.28 Complex patients or easy patients?

    49:51.48 Golden nugget of advice

    Contact Information

    Connect with Dr. Chris Wroten:

    Dr. Chris Wroten grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and pursued an unconventional path to optometry. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University and working as an engineer at Exxon Chemical, he attended Southern College of Optometry, graduating summa cum laude in 2002. Wroten then completed a residency in Hospital-Based Primary Eyecare at the Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center before working as an independent optometric physician in the greater Memphis area. 

    In 2005, Wroten returned to Louisiana and joined the Bond-Wroten Eye Clinic & Surgery Center in Hammond as a partner, where he continues to serve as Chief Operating Officer. Wroten and his partner are committed to staying on the cutting edge of ophthalmic treatment and technology. Wroten has received numerous awards and accolades, held leadership positions with several optometric organizations, and been involved in clinical research, continuing education, and volunteer work. In addition to primary eyecare, his special areas of interest include the treatment and management of ocular disease. Wroten also holds adjunct professor appointments and is married to a fellow optometrist.

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    Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

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