Practice Profitability Tune Up

Finding the hidden profits within your processes

Ensure your Practice is Running at Peak Performance


The Power Practice leverages its years of experience and practice knowledge to bring doctors the Practice Profitability Tune-Up, a powerful service that puts practices’ profitability ahead of industry standards.

This service typically makes available thousands of dollars to the doctors who follow our simple recommendations.

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What is the purpose of The Practice Profitability Tune Up?

  • It is a profit and loss analysis that provides a detailed interpretation of a practice’s income and expenditures

How often should The Practice Profitability Tune Up be performed?

  • We recommend practitioners have a tune up performed yearly

What are the benefits of The Practice Profitability Tune Up?

  • It measures the financial soundness of a practice
  • Helps determine whether the practice lost or made money
  • Uncovers easy, often NO COST ways for doctors to increase profitability

How much does The Practice Profitability Tune Up cost?

  • $699.00

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