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Guest: Lukas Ruecker, President, EyeMed

Lukas Ruecker took the helm as president of EyeMed just over a year ago. He and his team have emphasized that open dialogue with the OD community is critical, and they see Power Hour as an opportunity to keep the conversation going.  They advocate a new chapter in vision care in which our collective success will come from creating better vision health and vision care experiences for EyeMed’s members and your patients. To that end, the topics we’ll discuss will include:

  • Are doctors really making enough money with the newly launched lab model?
  • Low exam reimbursements continue to be a hot topic. What’s happening with EyeMed’s exam rates since we last had you on the show?
  • Why should EyeMed be able to insist that doctors change the way they run their businesses-for example, direct deposit?
  • If EyeMed really wants doctors to prosper, how can doctors do it with managed care and discounts?
  • Is EyeMed still mailing exam notices to doctors’ patients and listing alternative locations where those patient can be seen?
  • Listen to the discussion with one of the largest vision care plans in our industry.

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Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2014