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Why Is This Consulting Company Different From All Other Consulting Companies?

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Lots of reasons– but one of the biggest is that when you sign on with The Power Practice, one of our consultants (an OD with their own private practice who knows how to make it work) comes to visit YOUR office and observe you and your team in action.

This is a critical element of our signature service and lets us get to the heart of what’s going on in the practice right away — and we very frequently realize that the things that are most important to address in the practice are not necessarily the ones the owner thought they were.

A great example is a client we worked with who initially reached out for help marketing his practice to attract new patients. He didn’t think he needed a visit — just a marketing plan.

By visiting the practice, we saw very quickly that the patient experience (inside the exam room and out) was not great. This doctor wasn’t surveying patients, was unaware of his poor online reputation, and had no idea that people were unhappy. His staff knew, and didn’t care.

The practice owner just saw the empty schedule and had the knee-jerk reaction “I need to do marketing!” For this practice, an investment in marketing would have been a waste of money. Maybe it would have gotten some patients in the door once– but if they weren’t likely to be happy with the experience, they wouldn’t be referring others and they wouldn’t come back!

Our consultant had some tough conversations with the practice owner. We helped him institute a patient survey, which quickly brought issues to the surface and made them impossible to ignore. We worked on developing his leadership skills to effect the changes that were needed in the business.

Once the level of service was improved, patients were happier. They made appointments for family members. Some positive reviews started to appear. And the number of patients steadily started to increase. The doctor got the result he was after (more patients!) in a way that cost less, would result in sustained growth, AND had multiple other benefits for the practice and the people in it.

As a practice owner, you “don’t know what you don’t know” and having an expert set of eyes on your business can make all the difference.



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