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3 Resume Green Flags That Will ALWAYS Get an Interview in My Office

 Bethany Fishbein, OD

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It’s been a while, but the day will come again where you can post a job and get a bunch of resumes.  And when that happens, how do you decide which candidates will get interviews?

Here are 3 of my resume “green flags” you might be surprised by:

  • Experience at Disney or Starbucks. I love seeing this on a resume- these are two companies that train really hard on customer service and the customer experience.  I’ll always ask lots of questions about the process– why did you apply there, what’s the training process like, what was exactly what you expected and what was a surprise, what’s something you learned that will help you forever?  Even if they’re not the right fit for our practice, I learn from the interviews– and the employees I’ve hired with Disney or Starbucks background have been excellent.  
  • Restaurant trainers. I like applicants with restaurant experience as they have great experience with the public and are totally familiar with the idea of being “on stage” for customers. I LOVE applicants who are the trainers for other servers. When I see this on a resume, it tells me that the restaurant thought this employee was so great that they chose them to teach others. They tend to have that combination of service personality and attention to detail that makes for a great employee in our practice – and they love and appreciate the “normal” business hours!
  • Camp people.  Maybe it’s because I went to and then worked at summer camp my entire life until I had to go be a doctor– but I love applicants with camp experience on their resume.  Working at camp is a high-energy job that has an entire staff subculture — people are there to give their customers (campers) a great time and keep them safe, while being fully committed to having a great time themselves– which tends to translate well to the type of work culture I want to have in my office.  People spend more awake-time with their coworkers than their spouses and kids.  When they’re enjoying themselves while getting their jobs done, everyone is happy.

For what positions?  It doesn’t matter!  As everyone says– hire personality and train skills!

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