Dr. Patricia Poma


Meet Patricia

Dr. Patricia Poma is a passionate, energetic optometrist who is a senior partner at Birmingham Vision Care and Vision Development Center in Bloomfield, MI.

As a partner, in an already successful, 5-doctor practice, Patricia and her partners hired The Power Practice in 2011 to bring new and innovative ideas, challenges, and perspectives to their table.

Dr. Poma understands consulting. In addition to being a member of The Power Practice consulting team, Patricia is also a professional affairs consultant for Johnson and Johnson.

Patricia’s passion for optometry starts with science. She will be the first to tell you that she is a science nerd. And what optometry has allowed for her and the clients she works with is that being an Optometrist is a unique profession between science and business, which allows for working in a multi-faceted environment and it never gets boring.

In her role as a consultant, Patricia thoroughly enjoys implementing new innovations…she thrives on tackling new objectives. Patricia is extremely adept at problem-solving, gaining perspective, prioritizing, and managing multiple projects at once.

Outside of optometry, Dr. Poma is a loving mother of two amazing boys. She is also fluent in Italian and relatively articulate in Spanish. And she is passionate about holistic health and wellness, although she is a sucker for a good dessert!

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