Dr. Gary Gerber, OD


Meet Gary

As a partner in a New Jersey optometry practice surrounded by private and commercial competitors, Gary realized that optometrists needed to stand out to be different and utilize solid business principles to be successful in an increasingly competitive market. His own office became his “test kitchen” and as he found strategies that let him excel, he needed to share these with the industry.

Gary founded The Power Practice in the spirit of rebellious excellence, laying the foundation to shirk industry norms in the pursuit of doctor-defined success. He continued working with clients and building a team of OD consultants (many were former clients!) and business coaches to support his increasing number of clients.

In 2020, Gary Gerber sold The Power Practice to Imran Hakim, a world-renowned entrepreneur, innovator, and optometrist running over 250 independent practices in the UK, and Joe Colucci, a former Essilor executive who’s passionate about revolutionizing the industry. This development builds on The Power Practice’s foundation with greater resources and deeper insights so that no matter how rapidly the field evolves, we can always ensure our clients come out on top.

Gary Gerber now lives in California and is the Chief Myopia Eradication Officer of Treehouse Eyes.

Dr. Gary Gerber

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