Charlene Henderson, OD


Charlene Henderson, OD


Meet Charlene

Charlene Henderson loves her job.

She enjoys helping her patients see better and protecting the health of their eyes. But she really loves working with her team to make her practice be THE place patients seek out for their eye care. To be that place requires 4 things. Patients have to find you, your staff has to be engaging, your office must be welcoming while having great technology and the doctors must be knowledgeable, empathetic, and passionate about what they do. Chasing these pillars keeps Dr. Henderson excited about optometry.

Dr. Henderson hails from Newfoundland, Canada and she is a 1996 graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry. She has practiced in private practice, ophthalmology, and retail. She opened a cold start practice with another OD in Charlotte, NC in 2009. They were both moms of young kids and knew that they were building a work-life balance from day one. They have been fine-tuning work smarter not harder ever since. With that in mind, Blink Eyecare has developed expertise in specialty services like, orthokeratology, sports vision, vision therapy, dry eye, Neurovision, and scleral lenses.

Dr. Henderson loves to understand what brings practice owners joy and what their vision of success looks like. She wants to find the best path to get there with you. That may involve streamlining your practices, developing rewarding niches, getting your staff engaged in your growth, or adding to your team. All of these themes lead to growth and financial and personal rewards usually follow. It’s an exciting journey and she is passionate about getting you there.

When not in the office you can often find Dr. Henderson with her husband and twin boys traveling. She is an avid rower and competes in regattas several times a year. She loves technology and can never say no to the next apple product. She loves public speaking and is often a guest on local tv programs spreading the optometric word. Dr. Henderson is looking forward to helping you reach your goals, just as she did with The Power Practice


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