Chad Gallatin, OD


Meet Chad

Dr. Chad Gallatin and his wife, Dr. Deborah Sheere opened their practice, Livingston EyeCare Associates, cold in 2001.
In 2004, Chad and Deborah joined The Power Practice with the goal to create a repeatable process and methodology for sustained practice growth.

Chad’s love for optometry, stems from the joy he receives when helping people. Improving patient’s lives by improving their vision…helping patients to wake-up to see the wonders of the world!

This naturally ties into Chad joining The Power Practice consulting team. The joy in helping other doctors improve their practices. Whether it’s work/life balance, improving the practice’s profitability or even preparing for retirement, Chad’s focus remains on helping doctor’s power their dreams.

Chad believes having an outstanding team is the key to any practice’s success, so he strongly believes in the adage of People leave bosses, not companies!
When working with clients, Chad focuses on creating an environment that makes staff feel like an asset to the practice. Through clear communication of goals and expectations, team members will learn and grow. Creating an open and honest work environment, along with the proper recognition and staff reward, helps to make a great work experience and everyone having some fun along the way!

Being a great listener and staying calm through any situation, helps make Chad a wonderful member of The Power Practice team.
Outside of his practice and his work with The Power Practice, Chad is a car buff, and a strong family man. He loves to spend time with his children, traveling and enjoying his Michigan State Spartans!