Aaron Law, OD


Meet Aaron


Dr. Aaron Law has owned a private practice in Belton, MO since 2010.

As the owner and doctor of a private practice, Dr. Law has experience in facing current challenges in private practice and looking at industry trends to help his clients build a sustainable and growth-oriented business model. This experience has allowed Aaron to help other practices across the country, that have similar goals.

Aaron is driven by a commitment to excellence. His passion lies in helping to make a difference in his patients’ lives by focusing on the patient experience, customer service, and providing excellent care in a comfortable and unhurried manner that patients love.

In his own practice, Dr. Law spends considerable time building a positive team culture, a well-trained staff that operates at a high level, and a belief in always doing what is best for the patient.

Dr. Law was a client of The Power Practice for 4 years before being invited on as a Power Practice consultant by Dr. Gary Gerber.

In his work with The Power Practice, Dr. Law enjoys helping clients reach their potential by finding out what their individual goals are and working together by being personally invested in their success and helping to develop a healthy work-life balance. He thoroughly believes that each practice is unique, and each owner has specific, personal goals they’re looking to accomplish, and therefore an individualized approach is necessary to help each practice reach its goals.

Outside of work, Dr. Law and his family enjoy traveling, volunteering, eating at locally-owned restaurants, being active outside with summer and winter activities, and teaching their three kids about life.

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