Is Consulting Worth The Money?

Learn When It's Profitable To Do So

Bethany Fishbein, OD

Is consulting worth the money

Is Consulting Worth The Money?

I’m following a conversation on a popular social media site.  I’ve seen the conversation before in different iterations — someone asks for a recommendation for a consultant.  Some people chime in with a recommendation for different consulting companies.  Inevitably someone says that consultants aren’t worth it – “You know what you need to do” and “You can get great advice for free on X website” etc.

You can get an online eye exam too.

Here’s what you’re paying for when you hire a consultant– at least when you hire The Power Practice.  It’s not a turn-key system, a formulaic call, one-size-fits-all advice, or a cookbook of “how to run a great practice.”  

When you hire the Power Practice,  you are getting:

  • A combined 100+ years in private practice ownership from our consultants- business-minded optometrists who have worked for others, opened cold, bought practices, taken on partners, sold to private ODs, and even sold to private equity.
  • Input from our experienced coaches, who are industry and retail leaders
  • Techniques and materials tested in our “labs” – our own practices and the practices of hundreds of clients.  
  • 1000+ days of experience observing and assessing clients’ offices, talking with their teams and helping create change in their organizations.
  • Inspiration from our client family, who contribute daily to our email list, often jumping within minutes to help a colleague with a question
  • An in-person assessment from an optometric consultant handpicked for your personality and your practice’s needs.
  • Truly neutral advice that is given with only one goal in mind– improving your practice.  There’s nothing in it for us from vendors and suppliers.
  • Guidance that is completely individualized and personalized to YOUR practice, YOUR team, and YOUR goals.  No two offices are the same; why would their consulting plan be?

Can you do it yourself?  Sure.  Many practice owners have reached the level of success they desire by learning, researching, testing, and course-correcting on their own.  But if you’ve tried this and aren’t getting there as quickly as you want, or if you’ve reached your desired success and still have the drive to level up, let’s talk!

Bethany Fishbein O.D.
Bethany Fishbein, OD

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